Ebert Psychological Services
Anxiety, Depression, Vertigo, and Adjustment to Health Issues

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Ageing is a process that everyone is faced with. It is a time that we look back on our lives and re evaluate what we have achieved and how satisfied we feel with our achievements. Health issues become more paramount and adjustment to these issues can be very anxiety provoking for the person as well as the family around them.  It is a time that we may feel anxious about getting older and worry about the ageing process as well as the latter stages of our lives. People are faced with grief and loss and this may be quite overwhelming and difficult to cope with. The loss of a life long partner can affect your self esteem as well as your identity. Consequently these changes result in the development of symptoms of anxiety and depression. For some they may have struggled with these symptoms most of their lives when for others it is the beginning of such symptoms which is very overwhelming for them.

Ageing does impact upon cognitive function and the ability to recall information. Some people develop forgetfulness to an extent that it starts to impact upon their ability to live independently which also affects their mood. They find that they will misplace items around the home, forget details of conversations as well as experience a feeling of being lost or confused in familiar situations. Some people may find that they start to develop symptoms of paranoia and feel unsafe in their usual surroundings as well.