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People experiencing depression feel as if their whole world is collapsing and that they feel suffocated by their sense of hopelessness about the future. They lack motivation to engage in their usual activities and they don't seem to gain as much pleasure from activities as well. Most people find that they withdraw from socialising and they become isolated very quickly. They might be living with their family though they have even started to withdraw at home and not talk as much with others or go out with family members. These feelings can affect how they feel about themselves and their self esteem. They find that they are constantly tired and sometimes anxious or even agitated. Their sleep becomes disturbed (ether sleeping too much or not enough) and their appetite may also be disturbed resulting in loss of weight or weight gain. Some people experience suicidal thoughts and they even create a plan for ending their lives

Treatment for depression requires a BioPsychoSocial Approach. The biological or physical component may include medical review for consideration of antidepressant medication. Relaxation Therapy is also necessary to reduce the sense of agitation. The Psychological component requires becoming aware of the thoughts and interpretation of situations which is influencing their mood. The facts of the situation will be considered to determine whether their interpretation is realistic or whether there is another way of interpreting the situation that will reduce the intensity of the emotional reactions. Encouraging self talk is also developed to provide reassurance and praise for themselves as well as to start to chip away at the negative automatic thoughts that may be occurring so readily. Encouragement to engage in pleasant events is an important part of therapy focusing on socialising and exercising. Other skills may also be developed including Mindfulness, Goal Setting and Problem Solving. 

I look forward to

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 - Catherine 

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