Ebert Psychological Services
Anxiety, Depression, Vertigo, and Adjustment to Health Issues

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Anxiety can be consuming and lead people to feel that they might be having a heart attack. Their heart races, they get sweaty palms, a tight chest, increased breathing, light headedness and they can feel nauseas. These symptoms can occur out of the blue and sometimes it's hard to determine the triggers for such symptoms.Most people feel that they are going mad and where they were once able to cope they feel they can't now. Their self esteem is affected and they find they feel less confident in social situations. People who have  a propensity to worry will find themselves worrying about the future and how they will cope if such symptoms continue to occur. They find that their sleep becomes affected and they might have difficulty going to sleep or they wake up with a pounding heart and then worry further about their symptoms. Without adequate rest their stress levels rise and they feel as if they're not coping as well at work/study. This can lead to their mood being affected as well. People may find that they avoid certain places, may stay at home or only go out with someone they feel safe, avoid social situations or start to drink alcohol to feel comfortable  socially, and they may even find that they start to engage in repetitive thoughts and behaviours to reduce the anxiety they are experiencing. This only adds to their anxiety and stress over time which makes it difficult for them to disengage from such behaviours and thoughts.