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Coming to therapy can be overwhelming and often people may be concerned that they will not be heard or validated. For some people they feel strongly about their religious beliefs and prefer to see a Clinical Psychologist who is sensitive to their beliefs.

Psychology for Christians acknowledges and envelopes people's beliefs as well as providing a therapeutic approach that is evidence based. When clients are assessed as having symptoms of depression or anxiety then Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Dialectical Behavior Therapy will be the main approach adopted to treat these symptoms. During sessions, beliefs and ideas that contribute to, or are affected by these symptoms will be explored at length within a supportive cognitive framework. The development of coping skills occurs within a scientist practitioner approach embedded within these therapeutic approaches.

I am a Christian and I am active in my faith. my life focuses on the values of kindness, respect, and giving, just to name a few. I have been providing therapy for people in with Christian beliefs for since 2011.

I look forward to getting to know you, understanding your concerns and working with you to reduce the intensity of your symptoms and increase the sense of fulfillment in your life.


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