Ebert Psychological Services
Anxiety, Depression, Vertigo, and Adjustment to Health Issues

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I am a Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about and interested in providing assessment and mental health care for adults, children and families who experience a range of difficulties. I am especially interested in working with young children (e.g., aged 3 years and older) with anxiety disorders, notably selective mutism, social anxiety, specific fears or phobias, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and panic attacks


I also have experience providing therapy for older children, adolescents and adults experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety disorders, depression and mood disorders, self-harm, perfectionism, stress and/or academic/workplace issues, social and/or study skills, parent-child relationship difficulties, adjustment issues, early childhood difficulties (e.g., behaviour, sleeping, toileting, separation anxiety), as well as tic disorders.

I am committed to providing psychological treatment and care using evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I collaboratively tailor therapy to suit the individual needs of each patient. I have worked with patients within private practice over the past few years, and also have experience and training working with patients in other settings (e.g., public hospital/community mental health services, student counselling/specialist services). I liaise closely with GP’s, any other referrers and relevant professionals (e.g., schools and teachers when working with children and families) to provide patients with the best possible outcome and care.