Ebert Psychological Services
Anxiety, Depression, Vertigo, and Adjustment to Health Issues

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I am a registered psychologist motivated to help individuals learn the skills and gain the knowledge to overcome the issues they are struggling with. I believe that most people experience periods of distress during their lives, when they may benefit from psychological insights and techniques to help them transition back to their natural level of functioning. Sometimes it can also be helpful to talk to someone about long-standing issues that have remained unresolved or in the background for a while.

What we do in therapy depends on the problem(s) we identify, but will likely involve cognitive behavioural therapy specific to the particular problem (e.g. phobia, general anxiety, depression, managing physical illness). Nevertheless, because therapy must be tailored to the person and the problem, I believe it is important to use a variety of methods and approaches (e.g. mindfulness, acceptance, psycho-dynamic, and distress-tolerance).


My experience includes working with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults across a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, alcohol and other drug use, dementia, and psychosis. I also have worked with people who have chronic physical complaints such as chronic pain and tinnitus. My experience includes work in both public and private hospitals, as well as private practice.